Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The List...

Without further ado, here is the list...

Forty Things to do in my Fortieth Year:

  1.            Make my own cheese.
    2.     Make cheesecake.
    3.     Cook something with tomatillos in it.
    4.     Bake bread.
    5.     Read Suze Orman’s guide to finances for women.
    6.     Learn excel.
    7.     Complete one race I haven’t done yet (ex: Duatholon, Warrior, etc).
    8.     Start a blog.
    9.     Read Pride and Prejudice.
    10. Take an exercise class I’ve never taken before.
    11. Take a cake decorating class.
    12. Take a knife skills class (preferably live, but on-line will count).
    13. Spend one day saying “Yes” instead of “No”.
    14. Make Mimi’s apple pie.
    15. Go see a movie by myself.
    16. Take on-line singing lessons.
    17. Eat an ethnic food I’ve never had before (that one downtown?).
    18. Pack a picnic, a blanket and book and take myself on a picnic.
    19. Watch the DVD that came with our camera.
    20. Research how to photograph food.
    21. Take on-line beginner clarinet lessons.
    22. Get a mammogram.
    23. Go for a walk in the rain.
    24. Draw with charcoal.
    25. Make frozen hot chocolate.
    26. Go in Suzanne’s Jacuzzi in the middle of the day while it’s snowing.
    27. Play tennis at least once a week for a month (this involves someone else’s ability to do this as well).
    28. Play laser tag.
    29. Learn how to use the riding mower.
    30. Learn how to use the snow blower.
    31. Cook an Indian dinner.
    32. Host a breakfast after the bus stop.
    33. Go Rock Climbing at rock climbing gym.
    34. Take a really long bike ride.
    35. Learn to do at least two long hair pulled back styles.
    36. Try to get a poem published.
    37. Do at least one month of P90X.
    38. After learning food photography, make a photo book of my food.
    39. Read The Woman in White, the first “mystery” novel from the Victorian age.

    Number 40 is blank because I'm saving it for a really good suggestion!

    Here is a picture of the list that I texted to my best friend off my computer screen:

    And here is a picture of the gift that she dropped off after seeing the list (she got the gift before seeing the list though!):

    The flowers in the background are from my darling husband. Pretty!!

    Number 8, "Start a blog" is on it's way!


  1. Love the list! Don't let the kids know about #13 or they will be asking for everything! Maybe #40 could be something like swimming with dolphins or go on a hot air balloon ride over a winery :) I know someone who jumped out of a plane with her teenage son...I definitely won't be doing that! Can't wait to see the items checked off your list :)

  2. What a cool cheese making kit. You must have a really amazing best friend. Looking forward to helping you, encouraging you during this exciting year.

  3. Beth you are incredible!!!! Great Job! So proud of you!!!! What a refreshing way to look at turning 40!!! You have inspired me. I would love to play tennis with you in the Spring. Of course, you know that I will eat anything you make.

    Look at you with your own blog. You go forty year old girl!!!! :)

    (I can only figure out how to post Anonymous so this is Suzanne) ;)

  4. Created an account. Let's see if it worked.