Monday, October 10, 2011

And so now I'm forty...

Happy birthday to me! Happy 40th birthday, that is. 40? Already? Why do I still feel like I am in college? It's not possible that I'm forty yet, is it? And yet, my slightly spreading waistline, beginning of wrinkles and creaking of joints beg to differ.

I've spent the last year feeling a bit apprehensive about turning forty. On the eve of my fortieth I decided to try and make it into something a little bit better than just starting the "second half of my life." (I never remember whether the period goes inside or outside of the quotation marks. Something tells me I may have gotten it wrong because I like the look of the period inside the quotation marks. It looks like it's been "tucked in " nice and snug. Kind of like how I think the spoon should be set on the inside of the knife because it looks so cozy and like it's being taken care of by the bigger knife. But, I digress...). Anyhoo, I decided to try and make turning forty not so dreadful. Many of my friends have done it with nary a negative word. I needed something to help suppress my negative words though.

A list. A list of forty things that I would do this year to make the start of the second half of my life exciting. Something to look forward to. Things that I've always wanted to do but haven't found the time to, things that I've kind of wanted to do but was scared of, or things that I simply should do.

Let the year of the list commence!

(I'll post the list tomorrow because I am on my iPad in bed now and my list is downstairs. Good news, though..."start a blog" was one of the items on my list. Not bad, Day 1 of forty and I've already gotten started on my list!)


  1. This is a very impressive blog, Beth. Nice job!!!
    An impartial reader (Dad).

  2. So proud of you for two things Beth -
    1. having the wisdom and drive to make the list. Wishing I had done the same for my 40th and now considering if my 43rd year on this planet. Never too late, right?
    2. starting a blog. I have wanted to as well for some time but it's a risk to put yourself out there and a commitment to make the time.
    Simply put - thank you for inspiring me! I love you and I look forward to reading your chronicle of your journey through your list...

    Go Beth!

    Love you very much.