Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Read Pride and Prejudice...check!

I actually finished it last week. I've been meaning to update the blog to reflect that but I was never motivated enough to want to. I'd wait until the end of the day, thinking I'd do it on my iPad in bed, but I'm always too tired then and the last thing I want to do is another "to do." I admire those bloggers who blog most Mondays to Fridays, and most of them with pictures uploaded . That's a lot of time dedicated.

Anyway, I finished Pride and Prejudice and actually liked it a lot more than I thought that I would for the first 200 pages. It did take me quite a bit of time to get into it but once I did, I looked forward to reading it. It was hard to wait for Darcy and Elizabeth to figure it out. I kept wanting them to get together sooner than the book would allow (which I guess is an indicator of pretty good writing!). So I'm glad to have read it.

On to the next easiest item on my list...read The Woman in White. I figured since I was already in a classics reading frame of mind, I might as well get started on that. I started it last night and am already liking it more than I liked the beginning of Pride and Prejudice. The Woman in White is supposed to be the first suspense novel ever written (1860). It is LONG...almost 600 pages of very, very tiny words! I think this will be a work in progress and I will have to tackle other items from my list before I complete this one!

Speaking of the list, it's too bad I didn't include the things that need to be done anyway...like purge the bonus room closet, organize the unfinished area of the basement, clean the house, feed the kids, workout, etc... Sometimes it just seems like there won't be enough time for all the things on my list while maintaining my normal life. But I guess the point of it is to stretch beyond normal. Maybe to push the limits of time management and find a new way to fit it all in (because I'm not one of those people who would be ok with, "Well, just let the housework slide a bit, worry about organizing the basement next year", nor am I married to one)!

At any rate, Pride and Prejudice is done.